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No Bad Days

Oh, Monday, you were quite the treat. Ugh. The day started out great, puttered along at a decent pace, and then took a serious nose dive. I took a drive to clear my head but it didn’t really work so I walked out to the ocean. Ah, there it is… Seriously, guys, walks on the beach are not overrated. The ocean calms me down and soothes my spirit. I’m captivated by the patterns in and the movement of the water. The sound of the waves not only drown out the noise of the city but the noise in my head. I traded in my tears for smiles out there. And it only took about ten minutes to get everything back into perspective. Note to self: hit the beach first next time you have a meltdown. Haha!

A lot of people here have sweatshirts, hats, and bumper stickers that say “No bad days” on them. I’ve always thought they were cheesy but I kind of get it. Living at the beach is great… the pace is slower than the rest of the city… in just a couple of minutes you can be out there clearing your mind… enjoying nature… getting a grip. Haha. I also love parks and mountains but the ocean is my favorite. I love living here.

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