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Adventures in Cooking?

While it’s not one of my resolutions, I’ve decided that I need to cook more. We eat out quite often and the meals we eat at home have been repeated too many times. Whenever I do cook, I tend to try new recipes. I love trying new things and like eating crazy spins on foods we already enjoy. My goal is to make something new once a week. I’m sure that is laughable to people that regularly cook at home, but, believe it or not, that is a huge improvement for me. I make an egg breakfast most mornings, throw together whatever the rest of the time (sandwiches, can of soup, leftovers, etc.), and rely on Matt to make most meals.

Last week I was craving chili and decided not to go with the crazy, exotic recipe but my parents’ classic chili recipe instead. It was delicious! Seriously, just like I remembered chili tasting when I grew up. It cracks me up that whenever I crave something, I go have it at restaurants and am usually disappointed. So silly when I could make it myself.

Tonight, instead of heading to IKEA for the cheapest meal in town, I made Swedish meatballs at home. They were so good! Because it’s a holiday, I wasn’t worried about work or having my cooking time interrupted by it. I had a lot of fun in the kitchen and my husband loved the meal.

Tomorrow I’m getting my wisdom teeth removed. This means a whole lot of liquid food for me for awhile. I’ve got a few ideas for next week though. I secretly hope I’ll enjoy cooking so much that I’ll do it even more often. Who knows though… when work is stressful, the last thing I want to do is prep, cook, and clean up.

And what’s the deal with a photo of the beach on a food-related post? I don’t have any good photos of food I’ve made… and I love the beach. Hah! This was taken at low tide on a clear pretty clear night. You can see all the craziness over at the Port of Long Beach. I just read that it does 100 billion dollars in trade and is the second busiest container port in the U.S. (after the Port of LA which is right next to it). Wowza. No wonder it’s busy over there.