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Airpocolypse Adventure

We’re alive! I feel the need to declare this after 1. making it through the latest ‘Airpocolypse’ in China and 2. not posting on this blog for two months!

Hangzhou was in a cloud of thick smog for nearly a week and there wasn’t a thing any of us could do about it. The Air Quality Index tops out at 500 and we were over that a few times. The morning I took the photo above, it was almost surreal walking through it. It smelled and tasted strange. If I would have known what was to come, I would have been super upset.

Matt and I stayed inside all weekend and then yesterday the AQI finally started to drop. I rejoiced as the rating went from ‘hazardous’ to ‘very unhealthy’ to ‘unhealthy’. This morning we were at ‘unhealthy for sensitive groups’ for awhile but now we’re back up to ‘unhealthy’. Although I’d venture to say we are all in that sensitive group at the moment. I wasn’t the only one feeling sick. The majority of my students were also complaining of sore lungs and throats too.

One student explained that pollution is the cost of development. SMH.