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Cherry Blossoms 2016

One of the most anticipated events in this part of the world is cherry blossom season. Fortunately for us, our school is well known in this province for having some of the best cherry blossom displays. They normally host a Cherry Blossom Festival that attracts thousands of selfie takers blossom seekers. The festival was cancelled this year, due to some construction on campus, so the teachers, staff, and students had the entire place to ourselves! It was a beautiful thing!

An overcast day right before the cherry blossoms peaked.

We had one day of rain right before the blossoms peaked. I was worried the petals might drop but they withstood the storm! We also got to have romantical walks with our coworkers under the floral canopy in the rain.

So delicate

Cherry blossom cup

Most of the classrooms took class pictures. I saw this one happening and was so happy to catch it! I really like teaching these boys.

Close up

Impromptu concert during the lunch break

A mountain side of cherry trees!

Nearly done

Students from the girls' high school

It looked like large snow flakes when the petals started dropping!

Cleaning up the last of the blossomsBlossom litter

We took a picture for a couple of girls so they offered to take one for us. They told me to hold the cherry blossoms and I thought it was super cheesy, but, you know, I kind of like it now!

  1. Matthew Lloyd

    May 6, 2016 at 7:51 pm

    Thanks for sharing this, love. I like the way that you narrate what is happening and the pictures that you took/chose to share. Glad I get to experience life with you.

    1. Steph

      May 6, 2016 at 8:01 pm

      You are so sweet. Thanks, love.

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