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Eating Sugar Cane

Autumn in China has been nice. We’ve seen some bright colors as the trees have changed and experienced cooler temperatures. I also noticed some long stalks at the fruit stores two months ago. I asked my students what they were and was told they’re sugar cane. What the?! How cool!


One of my students walked me home the other day so we stopped and got some. I paid 82 cents for one stalk. The guy peeled it with a scary looking tool that is similar to a carrot peeler. He then cut it into foot-long pieces and threw them in a plastic bag. (Notice our dreary weather compared to October. Pollution is a bummer. Thankfully it’s gone now.)

My student and I stepped to the side and she taught me how to eat it. You basically take a bite by either chomping off a chunk or stripping a piece off. You bite down on it, releasing the juice, and then spit out the fibers. It’s quite a process for a small amount of juice but it is really good! It tastes sweet but planty. I guess you can buy bottled sugar cane juice but I’ve yet to see it. I’m glad I finally tried the actual sugar cane and got to spend time with my student at the same time. The students are truly the best part of China.