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Fun with my Oklahomies

It’s officially rainy season here in Southern California. I ventured out today to get an iced chai from Starbucks and to run to Target for a couple of things. Target was a big mistake–so many crazy, holiday shoppers already.

Since I don’t have any fun pictures from today I thought I’d share some from two recent trips to Oklahoma. I love Oklahoma. I moved there when I was 17 to attend Oral Roberts University, took my sweet time graduating, and then lived there for two more years after graduation. I met and married Matt there. Such happy memories. Sigh.

I stopped by the campus bookstore to buy the hoodie I never bought when I was in school (because I never seemed to have an extra $50!) and walked around campus a bit. It’s crazy how everything still smells the same! Definitely couldn’t help but reminisce. The photo above is of the prayer tower on campus. ORU was built in the 60’s so the architecture is funky. I never spent any time praying in that tower but I did tour it once and shoot a TV broadcast in it once. Haha. I walked past that baby every single day on my way to class.

This is my college roommate and I. Hotties then, hotties now. We have lots of fun stories but one of my favorites is how she used to make rice in a rice cooker, shake seaweed flakes on it, and eat it in our dorm room. I couldn’t fathom how someone could eat it because it smelled like a nasty aquarium to me. Now it’s one of my favorite things to eat too. Ahahaha, those were some good times. I love her and her sweet little family.

One of my good friends got married in July so that first trip back was for her wedding. A large group of us painted pottery at the Purple Glaze (something we did in college together) and went roller skating the night before the wedding. The roller rink was in this tiny town and was so sketchy and dark that my picture is just blackness. I remember promising myself to lead a better life if I made it back to the city alive. LOL!

Making it out of there alive seemed even less likely after checking out some of the skaters. Cuz, seriously, who passes up 80’s night at the roller rink in a small town? A couple of guys really impressed me by cutting off my pregnant friend. You see the picture, that place was not crowded. I nearly turned white trash myself and started swinging! And, yes, you read that right, my friend was skating pregnant. She is ballsy and fun and so totally awesome. I had so much that night… I guess it was good we finally found the place after driving around the the neighborhood several times. Don’t even ask.

On my second trip I spent some time in downtown Tulsa. I used to work downtown and just love it there. The buildings are great and there are a lot of fun shops and restaurants. One day I got a parking ticket for $15. I was so happy to see the amount due because that is the normal parking fee in downtown LA. Hah!

Both times I stayed with friends in Broken Arrow. Isn’t that the greatest name for a town? One night I went and watched their kiddo play flag football and witnessed this amazing sunset. Oklahoma skies kick ass. I’m not sure when I’ll get the chance to head back to Tulsa but I am so happy that I got to go twice this year. I miss everyone!

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