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Goodbye California! Hello Seoul!

We’re here. We’re really here. (I’m mimicking Matthew Perry in Fools Rush In there…)

We left South Korea nine years ago with the intention of coming back after Matt earned a bachelor’s degree. Well, he earned that and two graduate degrees and now we’ve finally returned.

On the flight over I was wondering how it’d feel to be back. Nine years is a long time. Korea has changed. We have changed. But we have a good feeling. We are excited to be back. I’m walking around with a grin on my face. Matt is relaxed. It just feels good.

The Singapore Airlines flight crew for our trip to South Korea.

The flight here was great. We had a direct flight on Singapore Airlines and were happy with their service and the bigger seats. We never hit any turbulence, even though the captain announced that we would experience extreme turbulence during the first two hours, and the food just kept on coming. I watched several movies: Trainwreck (Amy Schumer cracks me up), Vacation (totally thought this was a kids movie so was shocked at all the f-bombs), I Origins (I really loved what I saw of this but I fell asleep for about 20 minutes near the end of the movie…I need to watch it again to see how it was all tied together), and The Intern (I liked this one). Once again, I didn’t read or journal. Whatevs.

We decided to stay two nights at a hotel near the airport before heading down to our new city. The room was pitch dark last night, the breakfast buffet was great this morning, and today I’m going to, hopefully, take a swim. Although a hot bubble bath sounds good too. I’m pretty tired so I’m not committing to anything, even though I may kick myself later for not taking advantage of the amenities.


Tuna kimbap 

It’s also worth a mention that my life is complete again because I can eat kimbap every. single. day. So delicious. So cheap. I ate it and wept. Haha. Today I had tuna kimbap which has rice, sesame leaf, spinach, carrot, egg, cucumber, pickled radish, burdock root (cooked in sweet soy sauce), and tuna wrapped in a sheet of seaweed and brushed with sesame oil. Sweet Jeebus. The roll I had was $2.75. You can get it for less without the tuna or more if you get bulgogi (beef). The other kind I like is kimchi kimbap, where the tuna is replaced with kimchi. So, so good.

Until an hour ago we still weren’t sure if our apartment would be ready for us tomorrow. It sounds like everything is working out though. Someone at the school has been working hard to get us a nice apartment but there has been a lot of back and forth on types, costs, availability, etc. We were going to be staying in a smaller apartment for a week until ours was ready, but that one just fell through and it looks like we will be getting another place. I’m hoping that since this one is already vacant, we will be able to go straight there tomorrow afternoon.