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Happy Chinese New Year!

2013 is the Year of the Snake. It seems that not everyone is happy about this over in Asia (Huffington Post article) but I like snakes so I’m cool with it. Haha. I like reading through the lunar New Year predictions each year and thought this one was interesting: “As befits ‘skin-shedders’, Snake years are marked by major transformation and change – and sometimes great upheaval.” Sounds good to me, my life is in need of a good shake-up. An upheaval is not always a bad thing, right?!

I’ve always wanted to learn to paint write Chinese calligraphy with a brush (similar to the graphic above). When we lived in Korea, we bought a painting from a guy who was making them on the street in a traditional shopping district. It looks so cool! I recently bought a workbook to learn 100 traditional Chinese characters. I haven’t gotten very far into it but I’m loving learning and memorizing new things. And, now that I think about it, it’s a first step towards learning calligraphy. Hopefully at some point I can find a class and learn from someone.