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Holiday Organ Spectacular

This past weekend Matt and I went to the Walt Disney Concert Hall in downtown LA to see the Holiday Organ Spectacular. We wanted to go to some sort of holiday concert this year and I picked this one because I was curious how an organ could hold an entire show. Haha. It was a combination of the skill of the organist, David Higgs, and his humor that made the night a lot of fun. At one point he explained how the organ works and gave us a quick demonstration so we could single out the sounds of the pipes and then hear them played together. It was so cool. That particular organ has over 6,000 pipes! It was also neat thinking about how organs have been played since the 16th century. What the what?! Matt and I enjoyed the concert and had a lot of fun singing carols and hearing some pretty amazing pieces on the organ (would have never imagined myself saying that!).