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My Week Away

My week in Colorado is coming to a close. I’m really excited to get back home to my husband but I’ve had a lot of fun here. The past two days were filled with company meetings. I love seeing my coworkers from around the country. The photo above was taken at my boss’ house in Larkspur. It’s just beautiful out there!

I’ve loved having the chance to hangout with my friend for multiple days in a row. We’ve had so many great conversations, laughed a lot, and I got to play with her sweet toddler. We walked around Estes Park and Boulder. Oddly enough, I felt anxious on and off and it really helped to be near a good friend.

I had a couple of first time experiences here too: I ate pho (twice!), got a pedicure (by a dude!), and used a flat iron (twice!). It’s safe to say each of them changed my life. Haha.

Tonight I’m in a hotel and tomorrow I fly back home. I’ll be home soon, Matty!