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Setting Intentions

I love making lists. I sometimes have lists that are offshoots of the main list. Ha! It makes me feel like I’m organized and helps me to actually see when I accomplish something. I’ve gone back and forth over the years with New Years Resolutions. Very basically, I love them. I love looking forward to the upcoming year and setting some goals for it. Life has been really busy the last few years and as I result I felt that writing resolutions was a small waste of time because I’m always trying to better myself and take advantage of opportunities for growth anyway… a list, that was usually lost in the first month or so, didn’t necessarily help me with any of that.

This year I “discovered” Susannah Conway and her lovely blog. I’ve enjoyed reading her posts and am considering taking her e-courses next year. More on her in a minute!

Also, I recently started taking yoga. I used to practice with Matt but we haven’t done it together since last summer. One thing our awesome teacher has talked about in class is setting intentions. As I understand it, it’s not setting a goal for the future so much as it’s committing to “being” a certain way right now as you practice. It’s aligning your external actions with your inner values. In essence it is living your intentions every day rather just than focusing on the endgame. I love that because focusing in this way and being mindful will probably help you reach your goals more swiftly.

Back to Susannah! She sets intentions each year and has shared a workbook on her blog for people to do the same (download here). It’s a bit different than Buddhist thought regarding setting intentions but some of that is in there too. Today I printed the workbook and made my way through it on the patio (thank you, 70 degree California weather in December!). It was not cheesy or cliche. There were several prompts that really made me think through my answers before writing them down. She said to expect it to take an hour but after an hour and a half I had to break for yoga (haha!) and then come back to it. It took me around two hours total. There are some things written in my workbook that I hadn’t even consciously thought about before. How exciting is that? I love digging deep and finding out more about myself. The workbook will also be a lovely piece of memorabilia. Haha.

A side note on the photo above–I took this tonight while I was getting ready for my yoga sculpt. I love red nail polish on other people but never wear it myself. Since I hadn’t had red since I was a little girl, I thought I’d try it. I totally hate it but I’m going to keep it for awhile longer. Gotta keep things fresh and funky, right?!