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Solo Trippin’ to Colorado

A few months ago I realized that I rarely travel alone. I had been reading a lot of great blogs by girls who were solo travelers and was getting kinda jealous of their trips. I immediately started scheming various trips I could take.

Last month when we realized that Matt wouldn’t be able to go to Colorado with me for this year’s company meetings I got totally bummed. I guess the solo travel thing sounded cool but wasn’t really something I wanted to do after all. Haha.

So I flew to Denver on Friday to meet up with our friends for a few days before the meetings. The first day was really weird without Matt nearby but everything is fine now. I still find myself wanting to tell him things every 15 seconds but I’ve kept myself from calling or texting constantly. Cuz, seriously, that is annoying.

Yesterday my friend, Melinda, and I went to Estes Park and walked around. It rained half the time but it was still really beautiful. On our way back to her house we drove through the Big Thompson Canyon. It was raining pretty hard and she decided to share with me the story of the flash flood that occurred in 1976 (wiki story). I’m like, um, how would we know if a flash flood was announced right now? “We wouldn’t.” Nice. The further we drove the more water falls we saw. Water falls where there aren’t supposed to be water falls. There were a couple of mini rock slides too and cars were backing up because they were afraid to drive through the little rivers crossing the street. It was freaky and thankfully I wasn’t driving. Canyon roads aren’t my favorite thing to drive in good weather. I really wouldn’t have known what to do in that situation. As we pulled out of the canyon we passed a truck on its way in with a road closed sign. Yikes!

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  1. Matt Lloyd Matt Lloyd

    Nice post. Nice pics. And I don’t mind if you call and text more. I miss you bubs.

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