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Still Recovering

The past two days have consisted of sleeping, medication, scrambled eggs, mashed avocado, mashed potatoes, more sleep, more meds, drinkable yogurt, mashed banana, more sleep, tomato basil soup with soggy oyster crackers, more meds, more sleep. I’ve watched a bunch of TV to pass the time when I wasn’t sleeping. I’ve tried reading but can’t seem to focus. I thought it might be the book I’m reading (A Tale of Two Cities) but I started a modern thriller and made it through one very short chapter before I couldn’t follow it anymore. I’m ready to get well already! Hopefully I’ll get a good night’s sleep tonight and feel better tomorrow. I’m hoping to have enough energy to get out of the house for a bit. Maybe get an iced chai for my sore mouth?! Haha.

The picture above was taken in San Diego in November. It was one of those snap and run situations. I was late to an appointment, looked up, saw this shot, kept walking, turned around, grabbed the shot, then ran to where I was going. I’m not sure what the building is but I couldn’t pass it and those palm trees up!

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