Steph Lloyd

Wondering + Wandering


Today we packed and walked, and walked, and walked

Matt and I are busy preparing for our move to China IN LESS THAN TWO WEEKS! We packed most everything we are keeping and moved it over to a storage unit before we sold the car. This week we’ve been going through everything else to determine if we should toss it, donate it, sell it, or keep it. Tomorrow and Sunday we are having a garage sale and then will donate what’s left to an organization that supplies household goods to veterans and those with disabilities. I can’t wait for that truck to pick everything up and drive away!

Earlier today I needed to get out of the house so Matt and I took a walk. A five mile walk. I’m pretty sure I haven’t walked that far in years! Our final destination was Starbucks, but as is normally the case, the journeys there and back were the most fun. We walked along a route that we always drove and saw all sorts of things that we’d never noticed cruising by. Once we get everything out of the house (early next week), we’ll be taking many more walks around Seal Beach. It’s a fun way to say goodbye to all of our favorite places.