Steph Lloyd

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Travel More, Work Less

It’s official. I’ve been sucked into the sea of never-ending work. Life is more like work more, travel less at the moment. But in the midst of a heavy workload, with emails pouring in, my to-do list growing sublists, and my inbox exploding in color (I color code tasks), I find myself daydreaming. About stuff. You know, exotic food… tropical locations… interesting cultural dissimilarities… monsoon season… shark diving… scootin’ around a new city… temple hopping… that kind of stuff. Haha!

Matt and I want to take a trip this summer. Where to? There are so many places to go! So many things to see! And learn! And eat! And experience!

I’m loving my sweatshirt from MNKR. Check them out, they have tons of fun shirts.