Steph Lloyd

Wondering + Wandering


Welcome, rain! Goodbye, fall semester!

A storm is coming to Southern California! I’m excited for some more cold, rainy weather. I should have weeded our tiny yard today but I guess the weeds will be easier to pull when they are bigger and the ground is damp. Besides, decorating the house for Christmas and baking a cake tonight was way more fun! I hope you are all enjoying the holidays.

Matt finished his fall semester today. I’m so happy for him! I, for one, am glad I don’t have to hear about Kant, Hume, Hobbes, or Quine anymore. Haha! Next semester will be his last as an undergrad. He is a philosophy major and plans to become a professor so there is definitely more college in his future. But getting this BA is a huge accomplishment. Congrats, love!

So many people were talking about 12/12/12 today. The only interesting thing I learned is that we’ll not have another triple digit date like that in my lifetime. Unless I live to be 122 years old. Haha. Let’s hope not!